Spring Dhamaka


Bluehost March Spring Dhamaka

Two-day spring sale begins now! Through the end of March 30th,  discount will be given to ALL term-lengths on all of Shared Hosting packages:
Basic - $2.95/mo* (12/24/36mo)
Plus - $5.45/mo* (12/24/36mo)
Choice Plus - $5.45/mo* (12/24/36mo)
Pro - $12.95/mo* (12/24/36mo)
That means  12 month Basic package ($2.95/mo) will have a $35.40 in cart value that includes a free domain name for the first year and SSL. That’s a deal that hasn’t been offered by Bluehost ever!
Limited-Time Discounted Pricing is Available:
between March 29 12:00 am. MST and March 30 11:59 pm. MST.


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